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Guild Hall of East Hampton Clothesline Art Sale, July 26

Yesterday I took a (long) ride out to East Hampton to drop off my art to (HOPEFULLY!) sell tomorrow at the 73rd Annual Clothesline Art Sale at the Guild Hall in East Hampton. There’s a preview cocktail party tonight for VIPs ($100 to get first dibs on the art!) and when I arrive tomorrow afternoon, I am hoping to not be able to find my art- that will mean that all 5 pieces I submitted have sold! FINGERS CROSSED!!! I will update tomorrow or on Sunday with the results. In the meantime, below are my 5 submissions… which piece(s) would you purchase if money was no object? Please tell me in the comments!

  1. Bradley (panda) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)
  2. I’m So Jelly (jellyfish) (10″x10″)
  3. Inky (octopus) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)
  4. Tranquility (beach) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)
  5. Koi Pond (koi fish) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)

KOI POND sold during the art sale, and INKY sold after!!!

Do you WISH you had snatched up one of these for yourself or for a gift? Email me at and request a commission! I’d love to paint something just for you!

🎨 Vera 🎨