Vera Worthington has been an artist since a very young age, and is a classically trained artist who majored in Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She enjoyed a successful career as a graphic designer and an accessory designer in the fashion industry, but is now following her true passion of fine art painting. Her former mediums of choice were oils, acrylics, and watercolors, but in April 2018 a friend showed her a medium new to her- alcohol inks and she fell in love with painting with them. The ink’s unpredictable nature makes them a challenge to work with, but that’s what makes alcohol inks exciting to paint with to Vera. She enjoys making both art to display and wearable art pendants.

She loves to paint nature- from animals to insects to landscapes to plant life, she’s painted it all (and sold a lot of it!) in the short time she’s been painting with alcohol inks. She’s even painted quite a lot of of commissioned art work including pet portraits, and it always touches her heart when such special artworks are entrusted to her. One of the things she loves most to paint are tiny 2”x2” tiles, the challenge of painting a scene so small is a fun exercise, plus it brings affordable art to her customers.

In early 2019 Vera began creating tutorials for her WorthingtonFineArt YouTube channel and as a result, she was invited to be a 2020 contributor for the Alcohol Ink Art Community. This was quite an honor, considering there are only 13 other talented contributors for a Facebook community group of almost 50,000 members. She made tutorial videos for the Alcohol Ink Art Community YouTube channel and Facebook page. She also made exclusive tutorial videos for the Alcohol Ink Art Society (a paid membership group) as well as for CreateSmart Academy early in 2020. You can follow Vera at her Instagram, on her Facebook page, and over at YouTube, all three are WorthingtonFineArt.

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All of Vera’s alcohol ink paintings are sealed with an archival UV protectant spray and some art is also sealed with art quality resin to protect the surface and increase the life of the art. To keep your colors bright, Vera suggests not displaying her art in direct sunlight.

Custom art commissions and pet portraits are welcomed, please contact Vera and she would be happy to discuss with you the perfect art for you or for a gift for a special someone.

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