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Alcohol Ink Products I Recommend

I thank you in advance for ordering from these links, I earn a very small commission (at no extra cost to you!) from your purchase so I can continue making videos for you! If you like my videos and you’re feeling generous, you may make a donation to me at: You may also shop my website at: Thank you!! 

Join the Alcohol Ink Art Society here and get access to lots of free video tutorials:


Dura-Bright White 9”x12” pad:

Dura-Bright Black 9”x12” pad:

Craft Plastic 12”x12” 25 pack:

Craft Plastic 12”x12” 4 pack:


Masking Fluid Drawing Gum:


3/8” width Princeton Select Deerfoot brush:

1/4” width Princeton Select Deerfoot brush:

#1 Princeton Select round brush:

#2 Princeton Select round brush:

Uni Posca FIne Point Paint Pen WHITE

Silicone Tipped Clay Sculpture Tools (Shaper Tools)









Sunshine Yellow:




Ranger blending solution and fillable blending brushes:

Ranger blending solution:


Ohuhu alcohol ink markers 100 colors:


30 pcs 10ml needle tip bottles plus 5 funnels:

24 pcs 30ml needle tip bottles plus 5 funnels:

10 pcs 30ml needle tip bottles:


4 1 quart bottles (1 gallon):


Fantastix 3 pcs brush tip, 3 pcs round tip:

Fantastix 6 pcs brush tip:


Nitrile gloves, box of 100, size small (what I wear; I have long fingers but like the snug fit):

Nitrile gloves, box of 100, size medium:

LED workshop lighting I have:

FUNKADELIC alcohol inks and papers:

Liquid Dichro Alcohol Inks:

Chiffon Alcohol Inks:

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“Tippy” the Cat Portrait

“Tippy” – this is the one my customer chose

Meet “Tippy” the cat, she was a pet portrait commission for a customer to give to her friend as a retirement gift. Tippy was a beloved cat, and unfortunately she went over the rainbow bridge over a year ago. This was one of only 2 photos (at bottom) my customer had and she couldn’t ask her friend for another photo for fear of ruining the surprise. She’s not even on social media, so she couldn’t search for other photos, so I told my customer that I’d do the very best I could.

I ended up having a lot of fun painting Tippy, and I painted 3 versions of her, all 4″x4″ on ceramic tile with alcohol inks – and my customer loved all 3! She ultimately chose “Tippy”, so “Tan Tippy” and “Trippy Tippy” are for sale (below), and will be added to my website once they are spray sealed and resined. If you want first dibs and reserve one before it’s available to the general public, or to request your own pet commission you can contact me at 🎨 Vera  🎨

“Tan Tippy”
“Trippy Tippy”
Original photo reference
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Guild Hall of East Hampton Clothesline Art Sale, July 26

Yesterday I took a (long) ride out to East Hampton to drop off my art to (HOPEFULLY!) sell tomorrow at the 73rd Annual Clothesline Art Sale at the Guild Hall in East Hampton. There’s a preview cocktail party tonight for VIPs ($100 to get first dibs on the art!) and when I arrive tomorrow afternoon, I am hoping to not be able to find my art- that will mean that all 5 pieces I submitted have sold! FINGERS CROSSED!!! I will update tomorrow or on Sunday with the results. In the meantime, below are my 5 submissions… which piece(s) would you purchase if money was no object? Please tell me in the comments!

  1. Bradley (panda) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)
  2. I’m So Jelly (jellyfish) (10″x10″)
  3. Inky (octopus) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)
  4. Tranquility (beach) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)
  5. Koi Pond (koi fish) (6″x6″ on 10″x 10″ frame)

KOI POND sold during the art sale, and INKY sold after!!!

Do you WISH you had snatched up one of these for yourself or for a gift? Email me at and request a commission! I’d love to paint something just for you!

🎨 Vera 🎨

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Welcome to, the future home of Vera Worthington Fine Art! I am currently working to build a beautiful website where you can shop my alcohol ink art for sale, see sold works, see commissioned works, and request your own commissioned piece of custom artwork.

In the meantime, please visit my Instagram to see my art:

and my Facebook page at:

I also have a Facebook group called Inside Vera’s Art Studio – Behind the Scenes where you can request to join to see work in progress photos and videos, as well as a YouTube channel called WorthingtonFineArt – I’d love it if you’d subscribe!

Thank you for stopping by, please visit again as I’ll be adding more content very soon!

🎨 Vera 🎨