This Sunday February 28, I launched something fun that I call “Biddables” – basically these are alcohol ink artworks or art jewelry that I’ve created, and are offered up for bidding on my Vera Worthington Fine Art Facebook page on alternate days. On even numbered days at 10am EST you can begin bidding on whatever I’ve offered up for sale, opening bids will be between $10 and $25, and shipping will always be complimentary to those in the USA. You’ll have up until 10pm EST to place your bids… minimum bid increment is $1 or higher and as I’m sure you know, the highest bidder wins! For artwork, it’s an additional $10 if you’d like the piece matted, so if the opening bid is $20, but you know you’d like a mat, your opening bid would be $30. From $20-29 it will be sent unmatted. Once bidding hits $10 above the opening bid, it will automatically be sent matted. This is your opportunity to acquire a piece of my art, possibly at a steep discount! I hope you decide to participate in future bidding, thanks for reading!